Re-Sealable Zipper Extrusion

Experience the superior benefits of our Re-Sealable Zipper Extrusion technology for secure and efficient packaging.

Product Lines

Liquid, Air & Vacuum-Tight Zippers

Our Liquid, Air & Vacuum-Tight Zippers are designed to maintain product freshness and prevent leaks, ensuring the integrity of your packaged items.

ZipRight Pre-Molded Zipper Segments

Discover the convenience and efficiency of using ZipRight Pre-Molded Zipper Segments for your packaging production.

Stand-Up Pouch Zippers

Our Stand-Up Pouch Zippers offer the perfect solution for packaging convenience. With their innovative design and easy-to-use resealable feature, they provide consumers with hassle-free access to their favorite products.

Double Profile Zippers

Our Double Profile Zippers offer dual functionality and enhanced sealing properties, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Super String Zipper

Our Industrial Super String Zipper is designed to withstand heavy-duty applications, providing unmatched strength and durability.

Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Zippers

Our Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Zippers are designed for high-speed packaging operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

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