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Com-Pac International is a leader in custom plastic packaging, providing innovative solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, and research industries. With a focus on quality, innovation, and service, we offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients worldwide.

Medical and Laboratory Packaging Applications

Our cutting-edge packaging solutions cater to Medical and Laboratory Packaging Applications, ensuring secure and efficient handling of samples while preserving their integrity during transit and storage.

Laboratory Packaging

Discover our premium laboratory plastic packaging products  crafted to exceed the rigorous standards of modern healthcare.

Medical Packaging

Explore our cutting-edge medical plastic packaging solutions designed to safeguard the integrity of vital healthcare products.

Specimen Packaging

Uncover our innovative specimen packaging solutions engineered to preserve the integrity of specimens.


Zip-N-Squeeze bags were designed for convenience and comfort for patients with facial and mouth surgeries

Zipper Application

Re-Sealable Zipper Extrusion

ZipRight® is our brand of standard and custom zipper profile extrusion for the flexible packaging industry.

INTEGRA® Zipper Application Equipment

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More Applications

Food and Specialty Packaging

We design, engineer and produce specialty flexible packaging for the food and specialty packaging industry.

Flexographic Printing

We offer fully customized flexogrphic printig options for all industries.

Film Extrusion

We specialize in the blending of polyethylene resins and additives to produce materials which are tailored to the specific performance requirements of your product

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