Medical Packaging Solutions

Com-Pac International offers a white room facility for the production and inspection of various leak proof medical flexible packaging solutions for use in surgery, on surgical equipment, post surgical patient care and recovery as well as protection for post surgical monitoring devices and equipment

Product Lines

Bitran Liquid Tight Bags

Bitran Liquid Tight Bags are designed to securely transport and store liquids, ensuring leakproof performance and compliance with medical standards.

Bitran Series Products

Discover our Bitran Series Products, offering a wide range of sizes and customizable options to meet the unique packaging needs of medical applications. From liquid-tight bags to leak-proof ice bags, we have you covered.

Leak Proof Ice Bags

Our Leak Proof Ice Bags are designed to provide reliable and secure packaging for temperature-sensitive transports, such as medical specimens or pharmaceuticals. With their advanced leak-proof technology, you can trust our bags to maintain the desired temperature throughout the journey.

Zip N Squeeze Bags

Our Zip N Squeeze Bags are designed with a unique dispensing system, making it effortless to access and distribute contents. They are ideal for various medical treatment settings, providing convenience and efficiency.

Discover Innovative Packaging Solutions

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