Leading Packaging Solutions

Com-Pac International specializes in providing top-tier packaging solutions for various industries.

Patented Solutions for Customized Specimen Packaging

Com-Pac International is a leader in specimen packaging solutions, with a strong focus on customization. With numerous patents for their innovative manufacturing techniques, they offer a diverse range of specialized packaging solutions for medical, pharmaceutical, and research industries. Their products ensure secure and efficient handling of samples, maintaining integrity during transit and storage.

Customized Manufacturing Techniques

Com-Pac holds numerous patents for their innovative manufacturing techniques, allowing them to meet specific customer needs.

Specialized Packaging Solutions

Their specialized packaging solutions include liquid-tight seals for biohazardous materials, leak-proof pouches for breast milk, and dual-compartment shipping containers for different types of specimens.

Reliable Specimen Management and Workflows

Com-Pac's commitment to quality and customization caters to the unique needs of clients worldwide, facilitating reliable specimen management and enhancing laboratory workflows.

Advantages of Being a HUBZone-Certified Firm

Com-Pac International, as a HUBZone-certified firm by the SBA, gains federal contracting perks that aid economic growth in disadvantaged areas. This status helps secure government contracts, aligning with the goal to allocate 3% of federal contracts to HUBZone companies, even with new geographic criteria.


Access to federal contracting opportunities in HUBZone areas, supporting local economies.


Competitive advantage in securing government contracts and expanding business opportunities.

About Com-Pac


Com-Pac International is willing to execute mutually agreeable non-disclosure agreements covering customer-unique proprietary products.

Com-Pac International has extensive product development capability, as approximately fifty-percent of product sales is derived from uniquely developed products for specific customer applications. Product development capability extends to design, testing, manufacture and production integration of manufacturing equipment, as well as end-products.

We are able to adjust the configurations of products to comply with your specifications.

Headquarters, manufacturing, testing and shipping are located in Carbondale, Illinois. Various warehousing facilities are available at other nationwide locations.

Com-Pac International has expanded twice in the last four years. The first addition was 10,000 square feet to accommodate additional manufacturing equipment production facilities and for the addition of a six-color, central impression printing press. The second addition was 10,000 square feet to relocate our FDA white room into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to medical white room products. Future expansion plans call for an adding 10,000 – 15,000 square feet for additional film and reclosable profile extrusion capability to accommodate current growth trends.

Com-Pac International maintains testing data on all products in accordance with customer, FDA and internal policies and procedures. Lot sample testing is conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-105.

As a fully integrated extruder, printer and converter, very few production components are purchased from subcontractors. Certain raw materials such as polymer resin and unique poly films are purchased from outside vendors. Com-Pac International owns all tooling and machinery used in production.

Supplier performance is measured by rating suppliers during periodic site visits by Com-Pac purchasing and Quality Assurance personnel.

Supplier performance is reviewed annually.

Application of supply management consists primarily of supplier certification subject to qualification criteria established by Purchasing and Quality departments.

Com-Pac International has begun ISO 9001 Certification activities. Phase I, Quality Policies, and Phase II, Quality Procedures, have been completed. Work on Phase III, Quality Work Instructions is proceeding.

Com-Pac International is a FDA Registered Device Establishment, as Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer and Initial Distributor. Our Registration Number is 1419810 and is current through CY-2012. A copy of our registration certificate is available upon request.

We have certified certain food packaging equipment, which we sell to be in compliance with the CE Mark specifications.

Com-Pac International Provides Fast Service!

Price lists are available for catalog items. Most custom quotes are provided within 24 hours of request. Lead time for quotes requiring special tooling vary. Pricing is valid for 30 days, and we encourage blanket order purchasing for best lead times and prices. Standard pricing doesn’t include delivery.

Terms and Conditions

A minimum billable amount of $150.00 and approved credit are required for open account status. We evaluate credit through D & B services. Payment for orders made on open accounts are due in 30 days. Payment terms for tooling may vary Visa or MasterCard accepted.

How To Order

For customers with an open account status at Com-Pac International use our on-line Order Form or Call 1-800-824-0817 to speak directly with a sales representative. Or E-Mail us at Sales@Com-Pac.com. For most efficient processing, please include all product specifications and delivery requirements on your order.

Quality Control

A Word About Quality

Total quality goes beyond the combination of select raw materials, high-tech machinery and skilled, dedicated personnel. It is people teaming their efforts to continuously improve products and processes.

We support these efforts with a highly trained Quality Assurance staff and modern testing facilities, establishing a new standard for product inspection and evaluation. We will soon be ISO-9001 Certified.

Our Quality System is fully documented to ensure positive control of each manufacturing process, every product configuration, and performance specifications. Our excellent quality record has merited “Preferred Vendor” status with many of our medical products customers.

Testing Capabilities

Tensile Test / Compression Test (ASTM D882)


Dart Impact Resistance (ASTM D1709)


Melt Flow Extrusion Plastometer (ASTM D1238)


Thickness Micrometer (ASTM D645)


Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1894)


Surface Gloss (ASTM D2457)


Industries Served

  • Specimen Storage, Transport and Shipment

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Med-Surg

  • Laboratory Supply

  • Hospital Supply

  • IATA / DOT / ICAO Compliant Packaging

  • Frozen Food

  • Bakery – Deli

  • Fresh-Cut Produce

  • Pet Food

  • Consumer Storage

  • Industrial Packaging

  • Agricultural Packaging

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Contract Packaging

  • O.E.M. Resealable Zipper And Slider Packaging


Can I store food in your packaging, are they FDA compliant?

Yes, all products produced at Com-Pac International are FDA compliant.

Do you drop ship your products?

Yes, we can drop ship to your customers on any full case or more quantities.

Can I get 4 mil film for added strength to my packaging?

Yes, we can run film from 1 to 7 mil thick or we can use your current or even a lower gauge for your desired packaging and increase the strength with different blends of resins.

Can I have my logo printed on my bags?

Yes, we have many custom printing options available.

Can I buy direct from Com-Pac International?

Yes, we sell some products direct and some special products through National Distributors Call 800-824-0817 for more details.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We're happy to help.