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2009-H1N1 Influenza AShipping Solutions

Pandemic 2009-H1N1 virus cultures (i.e. virus isolates) MUST be shipped as INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCE, AFFECTING HUMANS, CATEGORY A (UN 2814)

ResealableZipper Application Systems

Your Guide To The MostRevolutionary ApproachTo Resealable PackagingIn History!

INTEGRA® Inno-Lok® style Pre-Zippered Roll Film Service

The Revolutionary ApproachTo Resealable PackagingWithout Purchasing AdditionalEquipment!

Medical Products Catalog

Slider Big Bags Brochure


Com-Pac International has manufactured Laboratory specimen handling, storage and shipping products forover 25 years. Due to the recent Zika Virus outbreaks, Com-Pac has added two new specimen handlingproducts designed specifically around the recently provided guidance from the Centers for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC) relating to packaging and shipping this virus.

Zip-N-Squeeze Brochure

Zip-N-Squeezebags were designedfor convenience andcomfort for patientswith facial andmouth surgerieswho face difficultieswith, or are unableto use, cups andstraws for feeding.Designed andmanufacturedspecifically to be squeezed with no sucking required preventspain, pressure and new incisions frombleeding. Gives jaws a rest and diverts liquidfoods away from painful areas.

ZipRight® Zippers Mini Catalog

CWOCYom-Pac International has been a manufacturer of all types of resealablezipper for over 22 years. Annually, we deliver several hundred million feetof our Zip-Right brand of resealable zipper for applications from fresh-cutproduce bags, to stand-up pouches, roaster deli-chicken bags, powderedsugar bags and leak-proof breast milk storage bags.

ZipRight® Zippers Brochure

Specializing in custom-made zippers designed for your specificapplication using profile dies which are cut on our in-house wireEDM equipment and manufactured on our state-of-the-artprofile extruders.