Welcome to the relaunch of the Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze®!

April 5, 2023

We are excited to begin promoting the Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze (ZNS) as a leading product in the dental and medical, post-op world. Many of us know – through personal experience or that of a friend or family member – the post-operation patient procedures are strenuous, often lasting weeks or months. Part of our mission is aiding the health and well-being of the clients who use our products, and the ZNS targets a forgotten group of people.

The Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze was first developed in the late 1990s to cater to oral surgery patients undergoing maxillomandibular fixation, or jaw wiring. Our product offered patients comfort, easy food consumption and a means of receiving sustainable nourishment. Through extensive research and collaboration, Com-Pac International® determined the market went far beyond a single, limited scope. Instead, the ZNS was renewed as a method of food dispensing for any individual experiencing difficulties in consumption, whether related to physical debilitations, decline in oral motor skills, post operation medical needs, invasive dental procedures, or an array of many other circumstances.

It may be hard addressing the emotional side of recovery, but small, everyday tasks pose an embarrassment to an individual when they have helplessly lost the ability to maneuver such functions. It’s common knowledge that pain and swelling in the mouth can make drinking difficult. In addition, post-op discharge instructions specifically state patients should not overexert new wounds, of which suction is included in the context.

In fact, the Zip-N-Squeeze relaunch improvements were initiated by our company owner, Gregory Sprehe, whose wife, Victoria, was diagnosed with oral cancer. Following a 12-hour surgery, Victoria received her nourishment via a nasogastric feeding tube for two weeks because of her inability to chew and swallow due to the extensive surgery to her tongue.

At that time, Com-Pac International was selling the previous version of the Zip-N-Squeeze, and while getting the job done for thin liquids and rinses, wasn’t so perfect for puréed foods. Victoria and Greg tried several different tube designs and finally landed on the perfect tube fit and function, which made it convenient to squeeze puréed foods into the back of her mouth. This allowed her to take food orally rather than through the nasogastric tube.

Victoria continued to use the Zip-N Squeeze bags for hydration, rinsing, and puréed foods following her completion of radiation treatments, which drastically affected her ability to chew and swallow. Sometimes – necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

Understanding our market has better prepared us to promote the ZNS. The product’s original concept was drafted for patient convenience and comfort in instances where chewing, sucking and ingesting is made difficult. For oral surgery patients, the dispensing method alleviates pain and pressure. The ZNS dispensing method also minimizes bleeding, eases swelling, reduces the potential for dry sockets, and acts as a cleansing pouch when salines or washes are used. Consumable liquids can be diverted away from painful areas, and the jaw has an opportunity to rest, minimizing stress and discomfort.

For elderly individuals in nursing homes and those with intellectual disabilities who have difficulty ingesting food, a nurse or assistant is able to easily assist in bolstering hydration and nutrition. An aide would assemble the ZNS components, portion the food or liquid into the ZNS, and administer the contents by dispensing manageable amounts of food or liquids to the back of the mouth.

The process is fairly simple for anyone using the Zip-N-Squeeze. There are three pieces to each pack. The first component is the food or liquid pouch with a rigid, built-in dispensing port. All bags are 100% USA made at our in-house facility in Carbondale, Illinois. As part of our strenuous guidelines, every single bag is FDA approved for safe food and liquid containment. Next, the packs include a flexible straw that can be trimmed to an appropriate length. The straws are soft and malleable to minimize abrasiveness against the hard and soft palates of the mouth and to protect from scratching of the tonsils and throat. Finally, each straw comes with a clamp to effectively block the flow of foods and liquids when not in use. It’s understandable; people have reflected concerns of bag zippers breaking open. Fortunately for us, we have an added benefit. Com-Pac International acquisitioned the first-ever-patented, leak-proof zipper, created back in 1970. We have had over fifty years to perfect this design, so rest assured. Once the contents are added to the bag, there is no risk of unintentionally breaking or spilling.

We’ve taken this product one step further. Foods and liquids are drastically different in consistency and aesthetics. As such, the products should reflect these qualities. We offer the Zip-N-Squeeze in two standard bag types: a small ported, clear pouch, suitable for liquids; and a large ported, opaque pouch for puréed foods. As an overview:


  1. Each pouch holds a designated serving of food or liquid, poured in through our leak-proof zipper.
  2. The contents are dispensed through the flexible straw, which can easily be cut into shorter segments depending on the patient’s needs.
  3. After the contents are consumed, the bag is disposed to prevent bacterial contamination and to offer fast, convenient cleanup.

The convenience of this product is unparalleled. We often hear personal testimonials from patients, staff and family members endorsing the benefits of the Zip-N-Squeeze. We consider ourselves blessed to hear the success stories this product has brought hundreds of people, but there is a bitter-sweet side to some of the testimonials. In the most extreme cases, the ZNS has brought peace of mind by extending the lives of those in passing. It is never easy when a family faces the loss of a loved one. We have had the humbled opportunity to contribute to making the final days before passing more comfortable for numerous individuals. It is with utmost respect that we genuinely thank the individuals who have shown gratitude for the extra time they shared with their beloved relatives. These rare moments are a true testament of our commitment to the people who support us everyday. Easily said, the Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze is a product near to hearts.

Just as mentioned above, the Zip-N-Squeeze is unique when compared to our other products. While Com-Pac International supplies many goods to the medical industry, the majority of our line is used for medical transport and in-house procedures. The ZNS is special because it is directly in the hands of our patients and supports their recovery. It has been used with thick water, broth, liquid medications, saline and mouth rinses, gelatins, strained soups, puréed foods and numerous other forms of nourishment. We have helped a diverse range of patients with this product’s versatility, and we will continue to do so in the future.

Our next plan of action is to become fully integrated in the specialized field of athletic nutrition. The goal is focused on expanding the use of protein powder, making it more accessible to consumers and a quick option for gym kiosks. We are very passionate about the revolutionary success of this product. The ZNS is a great offer for gym goers who do not regularly purchase protein powders, those who forget their protein at home or businesses hosting or sponsoring events as part of the attendee welcome package. It is a convenience that can be made readily available to thousands of gyms and millions of customers nationwide.

We intend to change the market with as many companies as possible. Our aim is to create a perfect product every step of the way, but the reality is, the market is ever changing and advancing. We would not be doing our clients justice if we didn’t do the same, so we make periodic changes and improvements as time progresses to better cater our customers’ needs. Com-Pac International continues to invest a great deal of time and effort into setting the high standards of our industry, which is why we have an excellent product line with a long running, positive reputation.

We intend to keep our market in the know as we hit landmark goals with the Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze and other products currently in development, so stay posted for company updates. As always, thank you for learning more about Com-Pac International. We greatly appreciate the continued support of our patrons.

For more information on the Com-Pac Zip-N-Squeeze, please do not hesitate to contact us direct, or search our website for “Zip-N-Squeeze.” Additional information is listed below.

Associates of Com-Pac International®
Carbondale, Illinois

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Addition Information:

Com-Pac International, by way of our distributor, LabSupply.us®, is the manufacturer of the Zip-N-Squeeze® line. We are committed to maintaining substantial inventory in order to minimize order turnaround time. The Zip-N-Squeeze is customizable with company specific graphics and packaging configurations for larger volume customers.

Zip-N-Squeeze Product Line:

Z-100 Feeding Bag for Liquids Kit
Z-200 Feeding Bag for Puréed Foods Kit
Z-500 “Dinner Through a Straw” Recovery Book
Z-600 Patient Discharge Kit

Frequent users:
Facial and Mouth Surgery Patients
Individuals with craniofacial anomalies
Maxillomandibular fixation (jaw wiring) patients
Head and neck cancer patients
Individuals who experience intellectual disabilities, mental decline, declining oral motor skills or physical debilitations